translated from Spanish: Melania Trump: why the first lady of the United States asked that they dismiss Mira Ricardel, Deputy-Minister of national security of the White House

In an unusual gesture, the first lady of United States, Melania Trump, called the cessation of a high-level Advisor to Chairman Donald Trump national security officer.
“The Office of the first lady believes that [Mira Ricardel] no more deserves the honor to serve in this White House”, said the spokesman Stephanie Grisham in a statement.
Apparently, Melania Trump collided with Ricardel, Deputy-Minister of national security, during the official visit of the first lady to Africa in October, according to us media say.
Ricardel takes seven months under the command of John Bolton in the powerful National Security Council.
The White House and National Security Council have not made statements at the moment.
The statement from the office of Melania Trump met while some media report that President Trump is considering some changes at the White House, and withdraw to the Chief of staff John Kelly or replace the Secretary of national security Kirstjen Nielsen.
ImagenGETTY IMAGESImage copyright captionAl seem, Melania Trump and Mira Ricardel problems date back to the first lady official trip to Africa last October. An earthquake in sight analysis of Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington the knives are out in the White House.
The machinations behind the scenes and stabs in the back off the record are nothing new in this Government. Practically since the inauguration of Trump several factions struggle for political supremacy in the West Wing of the White House.
What is different now is that the office of the first lady Melania Trump decided to attack a member of the staff of the White House publicly and in no uncertain terms.
The wives of the Presidents have a long tradition of involvement in White House personnel issues. Nancy Reagan, for example, had fights with Chief of staff Donald Regan.
Hillary Clinton was also fought frequently with White House aides.
But they are situations that do not often become public.
Copyright of the imagenGETTY IMAGESImage Captionsegun the journalist of the BBC Anthony Zurcher, the confrontation between John Kelly (left) and John Bolton (right) is the much-talked-about in the Blanca.Pasadas House elections in mid-term, the situation in the White House Trump seems that it is coming to its critical point.
The largest confrontation seems to be which faces two key power centers: the Chief of staff, John Kelly, and the Minister of national security, John Bolton. Everything else, including the situation with the first lady, derived from there.
It is a situation that seems difficult to sustain. These are the small tremors of a nearby earthquake of staff.
Several reasons according to American media, the first lady and Ricardel collided during the first lady’s first official trip to Africa last month. Among other things, it is said that they fought for the distribution of the seats on the plane.
On that trip, Melania Trump told the ABC channel in an unusual interview that there are people in the White House you do not trust.
The first lady was giving you tips and your frank opinion to the President, and from there “he does what he wants”.
Copyright of the imagenREUTERSImage captionMira Ricardel attended Tuesday a ceremony with President Donald Trump little until the position of the first lady to emerge. The newspaper Thave Wall Street Journal also reported that Melania Trump team believes that Ricardel is behind some of the “stories negative” that have circulated about the first lady and her staff.
The newspaper also pointed out that the first lady collided repeatedly with Secretary of Defense of United States James Mattis, by “differences on policy measures and personnel decisions”.
Trump, released by his spokesman Stephanie Grisham, release came hours after it issued another statement which denied that the first lady has differences with John Kelly.
“Mrs Trump has a positive my relationship with boss Kelly and never has there been problems between them”, said Grisham.
At the time that it knew the news, Donald Trump shared a photo on Twitter from Mira Ricardel accompanying a Diwali ceremony.
Long experience Bolton hired Ricardel while this worked in the Department of Commerce.
The Deputy Minister has decades of experience working at the Government of the United States.
Previously he worked in the Department of Defense during the Presidency of George W. Bush and Republican Senator Bob Dole when he was the leader of the majority in the Senate.
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