translated from Spanish: Pilots say that Boeing is not warned about new system

Boeing not warned pilots about a new system of flight control functions in their 737 MAX which reportedly form part of the investigation into the deadly clash last month in Indonesi a, according to pilots who fly these planes in States States.the pilots said that they were not trained in the new functions of the system anti air loss, which are different to those of the popular previous model 737.El automated system is designed for help pilots avoid too raise the nose of the airplane, which can make the aircraft enters loss, to download it automatically. However, if that order down the nose is caused by a faulty sensor, which is what happened in the clash of Lion Air, pilots may have trouble controlling the aircraft, which can go to pique or probably crash , according to a bulletin from Boeing safety and security regulators.

The bulletin added new details about how to avoid a series of events out of control to cause an accident, said pilots.
«It’s something that we didn’t have before in any of our training. It wasn’t part of our regulation. American (Airlines) did not have», said Dennis Tajer, 737 pilot and spokesman for the American Airlines pilots Union. «Now I ask, what else is there to find out?»

The President of the Trade Union of pilots of Southwest Airlines, Jon Weaks, told the Wall Street Journal newspaper, «We are angry that Boeing does not notify companies and pilots do not receive any notice».
MAX is the new version of the twin-engine Boeing 737. More than 200 airlines around the world, including American, Southwest and United have been delivered. Spokeswoman for Southwest, Brandy King, said that the new automated system of maneuvers was not included in the models MAX operations manual.

American and United did not respond immediately to messages that left them seeking comment.
The President and leader of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, said the Chicago-based company continues to believe that MAX is a safe aircraft. Boeing did not retain information on operations for airlines and workers-flights, Muilenburg said.
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