translated from Spanish: Romantic messages between Wilma Gonzalez and her new partner on social networks

once at the beginning of the year, model and former participant of reality shows, Wilma Gonzalez, ended its relationship with Gonzalo Egas, has recently given lights on a new romance.
In his account of Instagram, recently published a picture and wrote Nicolás Seguel: «did you make me understand so much… with your patience, understanding and commitment. To make me understand that love is not a possession or a competition, which is to be free but, be happy and partner but above all is understood and respected… «Dios single Uff knows certain difficulties and complicated way that we’ve been having… and as you say ‘separates us or unites us even more’ well, is the second… we pass things and more we get together».
«Thank you for teaching me so much with your youth. By making me laugh at the worst moments, for being outstanding in every detail, as Knight and man from head to toe you’re, for helping me with studies, work, with Noah, with my dog, in the everyday which is not easy, by always smile «, your emotional intelligence, your multiple virtues, thank you, thank you and once more thank you» wrote.

Seguel, meanwhile, also gave comments to Wilma González, recently published in Instagram: «you are the woman that takes the best of me, that partner, that partner and far more person love, thank you for all my love and do not never change as you are fighter, courageous, cheerful and sincere, ah and regalonaaa. «I’m the luckiest person to be by your side… I love you».

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