translated from Spanish: Socialist senators present draft agreement to extradite to processed by Victor Jara’s death

The caucus of Senators of the Socialist Party (PS), requested President Sebastián Piñera to perform all the necessary steps to obtain the extradition from United States, Pedro Barrientos Nunez for his pa deshomosex in the murder of Victor Jara. 
This determination was made thanks to a draft agreement promoted by the Senator Álvaro Elizalde, which had the support of all parliamentarians of opposition.
«A few months ago the Minister on visit of the Court of appeals of Santiago, Miguel Vázquez, sentenced eight former effective army in quality of authors, and one as a cover-up, for the murder of Victor Jara», stating that «However, Pedro Barrientos «Nunez, not has been able to be sentenced for being in default and currently residing in the United States». 
The Senator from the Maule region explained that «through this draft agreement, are urging the President to make all political, diplomatic and judicial efforts necessary to obtain the prompt extradition from the United States to the» country, Pedro Barrientos Núñez, so opposite to the Chilean justice». 
Elizalde, President of the Socialist Party, said that «respect for human rights is universal and does not admit exceptions. Human life and the dignity of the human being constitute fundamental values of our society and this predicament does not support any kind of relativisation or context justifying violations of rights
Elizalde was emphatic in holding that «Pedro Barrientos Nunez must appear before the national courts to receive a fair trial, which he did not consider removing life to Victor Jara, finding this in terms of political prisoner». 

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