translated from Spanish: The reason why Nicole Neumann was not to the marriage of Mauro Szeta

married Mauro Szeta and of course all their fellow short by Lozano were invited, but… who decided not to go? Nicole Neumann was who cancelled at the last moment because she was depressed as a result of their separation with Matías Tasín.» Nicole spent the enclosed rain Saturday, eating at home. He decided to miss the marriage of short by Lozano, Mauro Szeta teammate. She was among the guests and the evening warned him that it would not, although he had already confirmed their place, «said Rodrigo Lussich, also invited the wedding.» At the last moment he apologised to Mauro Szeta and bleached it that I was depressed, crying at his home and told him that they wanted to stay single looking series», he revealed.

Nicole Neumann | Photo: Instagram @nikitaneumannoficial but… what was the reason for separation? Paula Varela, panelist Lussich program was who gave the reason: «they had a trip scheduled Nicole and Matías Tasín for after the birthday of Nicole, when she received a call from him which told him that he was going abroad. He planted it on the day of his birthday, left her alone and went to Miami because it was just the celebration of Halloween and they were all his friends,»he explained. Lussich was even spicier: «Tasin is a boy enough banana, loves the night, want girls, want to lift, does not want to compromise and all that generated the end of the relationship.» Nicole wants to form a family, the lid with the new boyfriend and her daughters».

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