translated from Spanish: Who was Ramón Falcón? The explosion of Recoleta succeeded in his mausoleum

a new anniversary of the death of this police and military of the Governments of the Argentine oligarchy, a bomb exploded in his mausoleum in the cemetery of La Recoleta. On November 14, 1909, the head of the Federal Police of the Capital was killed by a bomb thrown by Simón Radowitsky, a young Russian anarchist, who was saved from the penalty of death for being underage. Founding partner of the Club Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, was in charge of enforcing a strictly the State of siege issued by President Figueroa Alcorta in 1905 as a result of the Radical revolution. 
He repressed significant marches as the of the 1 of may 1906, where ordered that police shoot bullets of lead against civil unarmed or strike of tenants in 1907, where Falcon was later evicted from working-class families who were protesting the increase of the lands. Red week in 1909 Falcon carried forward the repression of protest of the Federation Obrera Regional Argentina, which decided to maintain the strike until the military become police resign. When a column of workers decided to accompany the coffin of workers killed by repression, Falcon decided to insist, with repression and attacked the column of 60,000 people advancing down the street. Police removed the coffins to people and dispersed the crowd with shots of lead. Their influence after the death a few months after the Red week, died killed by Radowitsky. Until 2011, the College of the Federal Police took its name, and is remembered in the public space by a plaque in Callao and Quintana, where was the attack that ended his life, more a statue near. 

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