translated from Spanish: 12 arrested for attacks with explosives in Recoleta and Bonadio House

ten people were arrested in the last few hours during a RAID on a house in San Cristobal, in the city of Buenos Aires. It’s anarchist activists and they suspect are linked to the explosion of a device explosives opposite the mausoleum of Colonel Ramón Falcón in the cemetery of the operating Recoleta.El held around 2.30 in a House taken from the Pavón Street 2345, where Wicks, gunpowder and pipes are kidnapped and try to determine if they are those elements were used to finalize the attack happened yesterday in Recoleta and by the one arrested a couple. The new detainees were held incommunicado at the headquarters of the Federal Police located at Figueroa Alcorta and Cavia of Palermo.DETENIDO in the House of BONADIOUn 26-year-old man is in prison since yesterday, accused of having thrown an explosive package at the home of federal judge Claudio Bonadio, in the neighborhood of Belgrano.El offender, identified as Marco Nicolas Viola, was arrested by officers of the police of the city assigned to the custody of the magistrate, in the calle Rómulo Naón at 2200. Video: so it was operating in the vicinity of the House of judge Bonadio.
The attacker, who has no criminal history, threw the package through the gate of the House, on a front yard, and was located very close to the order of the judge who was stationed there. It was a plastic bag containing tubes and cables similar to an explosive device.

The explosives found at the home of Bonadio according to witnesses, the man tried to escape by the Mendoza Street, but he was finally arrested by the custodians of the magistrate. He intervened after explosives brigade staff, which detonated the suspicious package, while the residents indicated that three explosions were heard. The episode occurred just awhile once exploded a homemade in Buenos Aires Recoleta cemetery bomb, opposite the mausoleum that holds the remains of Colonel Ramón Falcón.
in this note: attacks with explosives BONADIO cemetery of LA RECOLETA

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