translated from Spanish: 631 missing and 66 killed in fire in California

San Francisco (USA). -A week after you declare the two gigantic fires that are still active in the North and Southern California (USA) have already found 66 bodies and have doubled the disappeared to 631, while firefighters have managed to win some ground to the flames in the ul you most hours. Butte County, in the North of the State, where burns the forest fire dubbed “Camp Fire”, which with 63 fatalities – seven new today – is already the deadliest in California history, updated tonight the list of missing persons to reach the 631.

Rescue workers through neighborhoods in ashes in search of missing persons. | AP are more than double those that appeared in the morning and almost five times more than on Wednesday.

The other three dead were another large fire that burns in the South of the State, near Los Angeles, and where the authorities have not informed that there is no person without locating. Most of the missing resides in the town of Paradise, of 26,000 inhabitants and was completely engulfed by flames. The town is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada United States, with a dry and sunny climate that in the last half-century has attracted many retirees, which has made the population is triplicase in 50 years. Most of the people appearing on the list of missing persons has more than 60 years. Firefighters, meanwhile, were able to advance during the last hours to contain the conflagration in 40%, after a couple of days that efforts had been practically stagnant because of unfavorable weather conditions. According to the latest estimates, the “Camp Fire” has blown a total of 10.321 buildings (8,650 of them private homes) and has destroyed 56.655 hectares. The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, and Ryan Zinke, the US Interior Secretary, visited the affected area on Wednesday and promised State and federal aid to help recovery efforts. The effects of fire reach the area of San Francisco Bay, some 7 million people and 280 kilometers away from the fire, where since last Thursday is kept activated an alert by the poor quality of the air because of the smoke. The air quality management district in the area qualifies the situation in “very poor health” and recommended that residents avoid going out as far as possible and, when they have to do it, use protective masks, a situation that is expected which is mante NGA until next week.

Researchers found another corpse that is consumed by the fire. | Small particles in smoke AP can accumulate in the lungs and irritate the respiratory system, so even if the alert is extended to the entire population, groups as children, the elderly and those who suffer respiratory diseases or the heart are those most at risk. The three State universities in the area, San Francisco, San José and the East Bay have suspended classes and will remain closed for the rest of the week. In parallel to the “Camp Fire”, the fire in the South, which has been dubbed “Woolsey Fire” and burns also since last Thursday near Los Angeles, has claimed three fatalities, 39.800 hectares have burned and firefighters have managed to contain it by 57%. While the origin of both fires is still unknown and the authorities have opened two investigations, some of those affected by the conflagration in the North have filed a lawsuit against the largest supplier of gas and electricity company of the State, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG & E). PG & E revealed last week to regulators that it detected a “problem” in a high-voltage line near the area where was declared the fire just minutes before flames began. 
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