translated from Spanish: AMLO will have an Advisory Board composed of entrepreneurs

Andrés López Manuel Obrador announced that a group of businessmen proposed the creation of a Council of advisers to work with the next Government and achieve expected Mexico to double its growth economical.
In a video, the President-elect explained that the proposal was made by the businessmen in a meeting held on Wednesday, and that “took the word”.
“Yesterday I met with entrepreneurs and liked very much because of them it came out that they want to support, that they want to be directors of the next President of the Republic and took them the word. They want to be members of an Advisory Council, they want to help, they want to give their points of view,”said Lopez Obrador.
Employers participating in this Advisory Board, who will be coordinated by Alfonso Romo, next head of the office of the Presidency, are Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Bernardo Gómez, Olegario Vázquez Aldir, Carlos Hank González, Daniel Chávez, Miguel Rincón, Sergio Gutiérrez and Miguel Alemán son.
The President-elect said he will meet with them every two or three months, and that he will invite other entrepreneurs “so that this Council is going stronger, go becoming an institution of civil society that helps the Government so that we can achieve together a” “progress with justice, that is growth and well-being”.
“We need the support of entrepreneurs to invest in Mexico, generating jobs and tell them that they should not worry, because I know very well what should be done to help people more humble, more poor people, we will respond to all” “, because this is a Government for all, rich and poor”, said.
Also said that he will seek “convince everyone that we must first attend to the needy.” For the good of all, first the poor, that he stayed behind give you hand to make it match and let’s walk together thats fraternity, so we will be very happy, and we’ll be very quiet with our consciousness, live in an egalitarian society just and fraternal.”

In June, Lopez Obrador agreed in a meeting with members of the Mexican Business Council (CMN), which win the Presidency establish a plan of economic development, and said that this private investment would be necessary, and work together with the business sector.
This meeting was held once Andrés Manuel exchange accusations with some businessmen of the CMN, who qualified as “insults” statements by then-presidential candidate, who noted them as being responsible for “the tragedy that crosses Mexico”.

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