translated from Spanish: Andrada returns to the Arch of mouth: win you the post to Rossi for the Libertadores?

from his arrival in mouth, Guillermo Barros Schelotto gave him absolute confidence to take care of the three clubs in mouth and did not disappoint. In less than a half, Esteban Andrada managed to win the confidence of the fans and the players back to impersonate to Agustín Rossi, who came with several questions. However, with maxillary fracture, was the previous holder Archer which should take care of the fence and, despite some specific actions, not suffered and had some dedicatory actions, beyond of having not obtained triumphs: against Racing, in Avellaneda, It was vital to avoid 0-3 and mouth failed to raise the game to be a valuable 2 2 and against River, despite the tie, it was one of the figures of the Court.

Agustín Rossi, one of the figures of Boca in the game against River, photo: NA now, everything returns to be unknown in the world of mouth. 56 days of the injury, the twin confirmed that Andrada will be incumbent on the party Board, next Saturday, before opening the unknown for the return match against the team of Núñez, in the Monumental, by the end of the Libertadores.El former Lanus was already in opti more conditions to the junction of ida to the millionaire, but William felt that without minute game it was a great risk for the end result, so bowed by Rossi, as owner, and Carlos Lampe, substitute goalkeeper, but to turn everything seems to change.

Andrada will return to ownership in Superliga and dreams of playing the final of the Libertadores. Photo: NA if Andrada has a great performance against the set of Paraná, where mouth used majority of Deputies, his place in the game against River seems to be insured, either among the 11 in the Bank. But show firmness, would win the post Agustín Rossi?

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