translated from Spanish: City of Morelia lets go budget of 90 billion pesos for road infrastructure

Morelia, Michoacan.-at town hall meeting held this week, the committees of finance, financing and assets; of the planning programming and development and urban development and public works, received from Raul Moron Orozco, Mayor of Morelia, modification and reduction in liquid investment 2018 annual program, as well as the change request and Liquid reducing the budget of income and expenditure budget of fiscal 2018.
The first item on the background to the opinion, establishes that the past November 7, Moron Orozco referred commissions the office number PMM-068/2018, where the adoption of liquid reducing the budget of income and expenditure budget is derived from the fiscal year 2018, for a total of 86 951 000 330 pesos, with which the ceiling is of 2 thousand 430 thousand 640 million 644 pesos. Similarly, the approval of transfers offset between the programmatic budget by 15 million 461 thousand 725 pesos.
In addition to the approval of the modification and liquid reduction to the annual programme of investment 2018 by 104 million 487 thousand 992 pesos, with which the roof remains of 372 725 000 243 pesos.
It should be noted that, on 30 October, the city approved transfers offset between the budgetary programme units to the third quarter of 2018 and that net-shaped imported 17 million 105 thousand 648 pesos.
The reduction was also requested by 86 million 756 thousand 552 pesos by the cancellation of resources for the Fund of State contributions to the infrastructure of the municipal public services by the State Government.
With this cancellation 13 works which include vehicular overpass road Morelia – Guadalajara (bridge at Villas del Pedregal) with a set of 45 million pesos, integral paving cost would be leaving out of the budget of the Street sources of Morelia second phase at a cost of 5 million pesos, rehabilitation of the Cointzio Avenue with a budget of 7mdp, rehabilitation of the highway Morelia – Copandaro of 5 million pesos, improvement of the boulevard Samson flowers of 3 thousand 556 million pesos, rehabilitation of side of the avenida Madero Poniente by 4 million pesos, among other works.
Works cancelled by the Government of Morelia 2018 important point that you prompted further reducing the Federal contribution by conventions referred to the cancellation, reduction or enlargement by 7 ‘ 32, 000 463 dollars, comprising of the following way:  cancellation program PROAGUA 2018 by 13 thousand 625 million pesos; cancellation program spaces public 2018 rescue by 4 ‘ 41, 000 325 pesos; expansion to the program PRODERMAGICO 2018 by 475 pesos; extension to 2018 HABITAT program by 362 thousand 857 pesos and reduction to the program SEDATU stoves ecological 2018 by 101 thousand 996 pesos; enlargement to the financial strengthening of investment fund by 9 ‘ 897, 000 999 pesos.
In regards to expenses, a reduction requested by 86 million 951 thousand 330 pesos to the different chapters of expenditure, with which budget expenditures for the Prosecutor exercise of 2018 by chapter is structured as follows: on the other hand the secrete Tourism IA shows a large Regional sustainable tourism development and PRODERMAGICO 2018 magical villages programme. Morelia City Council held with the Executive power of Michoacán Convention coordination and Modificatorio for the “lighting project and projected onto the Video content update Mapping of the Plaza Morelia Valladolid”, for a total of 950 thousand weights; in the same way of the contribution of the State Government for the “day of the dead” in the amount of 120 thousand pesos; and finally the donation from Alejandro Ramírez Magaña, Director General of the corporate Cinepolis, for the rehabilitation of the stage lighting of St. Augustine, in the historic centre of Morelia, by 198 thousand 360 pesos.

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