translated from Spanish: Creation of the State Prosecutor’s Office is a political simulation: Observatorio Ciudadano

Morelia, Michoacan.-the “Observatorio Ciudadano” organization managers, Rodrigo Antunez Alvarez and Doreen Vorndran, branded the creation process of the Prosecutor’s office of Michoacan and the next appointment of the Attorney-General as a simulation of politics, as they indicate that profiles and selection form goes by way of the preferences of the Governor, Silvano Aureoles rabbit, unless you take into account society civil. over the previous Observatory citizen objected to the call for the Prosecutor issued October 11, since it lacks specifications and characteristics necessary for the post.

Antunez Alvarez reported that the parliamentary fractions of Morena, the PRI and PRD, already presented initiatives on the subject, however, contain errors “basic”, by which the officials of the Organization demanded that take into account the population.
“We demand that a Committee of academics, experts and citizens for the creation of the organic law of the General Prosecutor’s Office settle, we demand you hear citizenship.”
He added that besides the Committee mentioned it must be present in the selection of the Executive in a public session, since the proposals were not socialized with citizenship and depends on the President elect three final profiles. “Everything is set to have a carnal Prosecutor in Michoacan,” he reiterated.
In brief interview with Deputy Javier Paredes Andrade, who was present at the quarterly presentation of the Observatory, said the importance of Congress entitled responsibilities to society in participation, discussion and definition of the Law, then it must be created according to the needs of the people.
He explained that in the subject commissions just they are organizing, since still pending issues that left the last legislature are looking at the Congress.

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