translated from Spanish: Eat these foods and lose a few pounds before the holidays

home health eats these foods and lose a few pounds before the holidays world-regularly all we are always looking for a way to lose weight, and seek to eating certain foods to achieve our goal, but it turns out that some can help you achieve your plans. Here you say are: start with the obvious: raw vegetables satisfy much, have a minimum fat content and its fiber content is high. In case outside little, they are cheap and quick to prepare. With cut (and in some cases peel them), they are ready. Tip: Beware of sauces, which do tend to have fat. So to give an account of carrot, celery and Zucchini, among others!
The superfood that you never go out of style: avocado. Rich in acids unsaturated fatty, so heart-healthy, it is a source of vitamin B and is delicious. It brings flavor to salads, sandwiches, toasts… It is no coincidence that there is a whole movement of ‘avocado lovers’.
Speaking of superfoods, have you ever tried the chia? They are seeds that are left to soak in water or vegetable drinks all night, and the next day the magic is served: become a gelatinous pudding. What happens, everything must be said, is that the flavor of the chia is pretty dull.
To remedy the disadvantage of point 3, nothing remarkable flavor of it chia her, we advise you to take it with blueberries: other food that, however small it is, has a high satiating power. These small and delicious fruits provide protein and are rich in antioxidants.
Everything is integral, satiating than their corresponding refined: to provide more fiber and protein, whole grain foods help us feel fuller, consuming less amount. Bread, pasta, rice, Yes. Comprehensive yet. So you do not privarás of the well known a toast to start the day, and do so without remorse. Eye, we said one. Put you half loaf of bread, very integral, that is not the idea.
An idea for breakfast is oatmeal. The typical porridge is perfect for breakfast. Oats has a protein content much higher than the rest of cereals. You can cook it the night before in milk (cow or vegetable) and cinnamon, or if you prefer you can mix a couple of tablespoons of oats with a yogurt not sweetened, nuts and cranberries and let stand overnight. The next day, the combined power of oats, nuts and cranberries will make you get lunch without problems, and that your belly roar by hunger.
Dried fruit of itself are a food that fills much, despite how small that is. They are rich of proteins, minerals and fats healthy, which makes them an ideal food when you need a shot of energy.
The cooked potatoes are also a very satiating food. The ideal is to consume them with other vegetables, regardless of sauces, etc.
An ideal way of eating potatoes is in the form of soups, along with other vegetables. The soup is hot or cold, is a dish that fills and moisturizes at the same time: perfect as a first course.
And speaking of dishes spoon, could not miss the vegetables: are made of proteins, fibers and carbohydrates, the perfect blend for a food provides energy, few fats and is satiating. When preparing vegetables, you try to use lean meat, leaving aside sausage and bacon.
Finally, the fruit, especially apples and citrus fruits, satisfies much and is perfect for a snack between meals.
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