translated from Spanish: Gary Medel Spouse: “won’t be life in the shadow of my husband”

Cristina Morales, spouse of the wheel of the Besiktas Gary Medel, spoke of his happiness for the new professional step that will. It is that sports reporter will now enter to study marketing, in a distance learning course that will be extended by two years. LUN, the Spanish said to be excited about with this new stage, noting that this was the right moment since his daughter Alessandra is larger.” I have some projects in mind. This course helps me have more knowledge and fill them with journalism, but I also want the Ale I see studying. I grew up watching my mother going out to work every day and raise two sons alone. Children do what is in the House”, he said. “Morales also spoke about Medel, claiming that know him”was the target”and that people”have no idea”of what is to be married to a footballer.” I met him already with their profession and people think that one falls for that. Or that it is a useless and has no goals. I if I have them and Gary supports me. My title of journalist not no man taketh it me”, he said. The journalist added that “now I have a good situation because he works hard for his family. And thank you a lot, but I am not going to be life in the shadow of my husband because, frankly, there’s nothing like feeling independent.”

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