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-Culiacan, Sinaloa-Dorados de Sinaloa set could not capitalize on his homefield and ended up tieing goalless before miners of Zacatecas in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the tournament’s opening 2018 of the MX rise. The Sinaloa group will now need to win in the round this Saturday to advance to the semifinals of the Championship. It was a first half of few departures and without a Dominator clear. Miners played to the pitch looking for a ‘spark’ Roberto Nurse; by gold was very only Vinicio Angulo in the attack. The party was closed, but gold was which was closer to open the marker in the initial part thanks to an error of the opponent. The Andrés Fassi Archer was wrong in an output: the ball was Edson Rivera, took one and shot barely deviated from the right stick to the visit. And so, with the 0-0 they went to rest.

For the second time Diego Maradona changed, gave income Facundo Juarez and Juan Galíndrez, this last replacing debutant José Lugo. Immediately noticed improvement in the offensive of the great fish. Edson Rivera missed another of danger when it topped only after a corner kick; However, visiting goalkeeper prevented the goal with great lance to the left stick. Galindrez had their way, impacted head after a service by right, but Fassi again avoided it with good tackle.

Photo: The DEBATE.

The third sinaloense change was the entrance of Pedro Renteria, and the culiacanense came close to putting on a hero but Juan Galíndrez made ‘bear’ of the year. Renteria overflowed from left, and put a pass the Colombian for nothing but pushing it, and without goalkeeper, topped head out. Mining also had hers at the end, a backlash were five visitors to two sinaloenes, and Sergio Vergara defined with a deflected left of Gaspar Servio.El bat shot return match will be this Saturday at 15:00 hours in Zacatecas, which will be broadcast by Fox Sports. Golden will be at playoff only if he wins the round, because the tie enough miners in their best position in the general table. In this note:

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