translated from Spanish: Harry Potter to fantastic beasts: why still trapping us the wizarding world?

ended the wait: on Thursday arrived in all rooms “fantastic beasts: Grindelwald crimes”, the film directed by David Yates and starring a large cast, among them Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston.Detrás of their Premiere, there are hundreds of fans which, since the first “Harry Potter” film in 1997, still and faithfully live the magic flower of skin. In this context, what follows trapping of this fantastic universe, this time with “Fantastic beasts”? To understand this idea, Ridge spoke with Eliana Masci, Communicator and the thing film editor online, to analyze the work of J.K.Rowling. Why follow catching us the wizarding world?

Photo: Twitter “the magic of the history of Harry Potter is, precisely, the ‘no magic’ part ‘ – Masci said, and added:” the first book we caught children and adults (in my case girl, was 14 years old) for its premise of the ordinary boy who attends a magic school and ” witchcraft”. In this regard, and based on his words, which meant the success beyond the magic wands and sorcerers-centric history were social and political criticisms that allowed books, moral debates and humanity that his characters have. Precisely, via the Internet, fans generate discussions on some ideas that appear in the saga, such as discrimination, child abuse, among other discussions. I.e., the wizarding world is not so distant to the reality: one can grasp a nod to the society in each of the projections.
“The magic of the history of Harry Potter is precisely, the ‘no magic’ part,” said Masci “the idea of Voldemort is ‘purify the magical community’ and that are just pure-blood wizards, torture and kill muggles, or who called blood dirty/mestizos. There is a parallel with Nazism, the same with cults and fanaticism, since the death eaters are loyal and even fear their leader”, said the journalist. In addition, Masci said that the film covers topics such as freedom of expression and the media manipulation; for example “when the Ministry does not want to believe him the community to harry, makes it look like a madman in the magical world’s largest journal”. do connect Harry Potter with fantastic beasts?

Photo: Twitter based on the word of the specialist in the subject, the first Harry Potter books were aimed at a public “children and youth”, who believed pair to pair with the central character. However, little by little, the history goes charging a shade stronger, until you reach “Fantastic beasts”, where culminates a more adult version.” I do not speak of magic and issues of fantastic creatures, but that in the saga of ‘Animals’, the problems are in the world outside the school, those who are fighting are not children and we know magical Governments elsewhere in the world and a very cynical Dark Lord who is habi “to mentioned in ‘Harry Potter’ but did not develop too”, said. Fantastic beasts: received the approval of fans of Harry Potter or not?

“Photos: Twitter numbers speak for themselves: with just a few hours since its release, the film directed by Yates harvested more than 6,370 spectators in different functions, from the data thrown by Ultracine.” Harry Potter fans are mostly happy to receive more magic, especially because it comes from JK Rowling and is not a collaboration happened with the play. We love this world and want to continue seeing how it grows,”he said from a fan perspective. Even so, he acknowledged that there are many people that many people are frightened with respect to that from production to change something in the saga; However, the reception was good: “the only recurring problem among fans was the decision to continue with Johnny Depp in the cast”.

“According to tests that were (video of abuse, Heard photos), I grieved a little read to the author, who was a victim of domestic violence and told him, explaining that he supported to Depp, by mentioning it in his visits to the red carpet and even saying he won’t to me” ncionar more theme”, opined on the subject. Then, added: “even I say to remove it, but not out to defend it and, if you are talking, with the large capacity having to tell stories, giving a message that leave quiet receiver, expressing that she actually knows something we do not, and that it is playing by” that is why. “No one who has only read of the case can be 100% sure of something more than what you saw on the networks and media, but Rowling message was as ‘warm’ that I was surprised”. In this note: animals fantastic Harry Potter j.k. Rowling

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