translated from Spanish: King Zambada declares against El Chapo Guzman

Jesús «rey» Zambada, brother of Ismael «mayo» Zambada, co-founder of the Sinaloa Cartel, said Wednesday at a trial in New York, United States, that Joaquin «Chapo» Guzman was one of the greatest leaders of the criminal group and revealed secrets of the lucrative trafficking of cocaine from Colombia to the United States.
Jesús Zambada, 57-year-old, said the Chapo was «the main» leader of the Sinaloa Cartel with his brother Mayo Zambada, that he is a fugitive and the defense of the Chapo points to who as the real boss.
Counter and employed by the cartel for two decades until his arrest in 2008, the King is in the custody of the United States.
For several hours, he told the jury the sophisticated operation of the Sinaloa Cartel, including their «capital investments» in Colombia, made in small groups and half with the Colombians.
El Chapo and his partners filled the void that left the final approval for the extradition in Colombia in 1997. It was then that Colombian traffickers began to outsource its business to reach United States.
«The leading to the side» Mayo Zambada ‘was the Chapo», the King said to the jury.
Sinaloa cartel paid bribes to Peña Nieto and Calderon, says lawyer of Chapo scolding the defense of the defense of El Chapo Guzman Chapo fiercely attacked the credibility of its free who cooperate with the Prosecutor’s office, but received a scolding from the judge by accusing of «corrupt» to the Government of Mexico and DEA agents of having set a trap to the Chapo without evidence.
The second day of the trial began with the order of the Prosecutor’s office for judge Brian Cogan to dismiss all statements of the lawyer of the Chapo in its initial arguments on Tuesday.
The judge objected to that measure so bluntly, but warned the lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman to alleged bribes received by the current President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto and his predecessor Felipe Calderón of the co-accused of the Chapo, «mayo» Ismael Zambada, an explosive indictment released on Tuesday by the lawyer, are irrelevant to the case «if they are not linked to the accused».
The defense of the Chapo ensures this, hungry for notoriety, was the victim of an «Assembly» of the Mexican Government and DEA agents, and that the real boss of the Sinaloa cartel was always Zambada, of 70 years and fugitive from justice, co-accused alongside the Chapo in the inculpac 2009 ion the Court of Brooklyn.
Cogan also clarified to the jury that the initial arguments on both sides are not evidence, and that when deciding their verdict they should determine if the defendant is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
«Billions» in profits the King reported that they received the drug in speedboats, fishing boats, planes or even commercial containers, and then sent «100%» to the United States.
Wineries where Zambada was receiving and storing drugs in city of Mexico went some 80 to 100 tons of cocaine to the United States.
These shipments generated «billions of dollars» that Mexican and Colombian traffickers were distributed, said Zambada.
El Chapo, dressed in dark suit and tie, listened attentively and sometimes taking notes to one of his lawyers. Other times, it was look at his young spouse Emma Coronel, 29-year-old, sitting in the room.
Extradited to the United States 22 months ago, the Chapo is accused of sending over 155 tons of cocaine to the United States over 25 years. If he is found guilty, he could be sentenced to life imprisonment.
Control of the airport, the King had was for years the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in the city of Mexico and controlling its airport and «authorities» to provide protection to traffickers and their contraband.
His initial work was to establish an accounting system of sales in the United States, but then went on to tell the drug reaching three deposits in the Mexican capital and start your transportation to the United States border, in gas transport trucks in general.
The price of drugs was going up when approaching to the North, he said. In Colombia, a kilo of cocaine cost about 3,000 dollars, in Mexico from 10,000 to 13,000, 20,000 California, more than 25,000 Chicago and New York to 35,000, said.
For an investment of 45 million dollars among five drug traffickers, subtracting operating costs of shipping, approximate earnings were 195 million in Los Angeles, 240 million in Chicago and 390 million in New York, he calculated Zambada, who also invested personally in the business, buying up to three tons.
He told that once the Chapo invested «a small proportion» in one of its imports of Colombian drug, and that his brother and the Chapo tended to invest together in shipments of about six tons and distributed to average earnings.
A Colombian narco, Juan Carlos «chupeta» Ramirez, used fishing boats to bring up to 30 tons of cocaine from Colombia to Mexico, to order the Chapo and other great leaders of the cartel: on may, Amado Carrillo Fuentes and Juan Jose Esparragoza «azul».
But once, in 1994, «the crew imagined that they would intercept them and sank the ship», she told. On may then hired to deep-sea divers and was able to recover all the contraband.
The prosecution showed the jury a flow chart of the hierarchy of the cartel from Sinaloa with the Chapo, on may, blue and Carrillo Fuentes to the head, as well as prices, maps and photos of the capos diagrams. King Zambada’s testimony will continue Thursday.
Tunnels and witnesses «liars,» the first witness from the Government was Wednesday Carlos Salazar, a retired customs agent who discovered in May 1990 a tunnel attributed to the Chapo to move drugs between Agua Prieta, in Mexico, and Douglas, Arizona, where the U.S. Government seized more than 929 kilograms of cocaine.
It was followed by the testimony of a retired forensic chemist who worked for the DEA, which certified the purity of the cocaine in 99%.
His Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman described as «degenerate» and «lying» to the free or rivals of the Chapo who cooperate with the Government.
Besides the Zambada King mentioned among others Miguel Ángel Martínez, right exmano of the Chapo, who according to Lichtman «the nose dropped» consume so much cocaine, and César Gastelum Serrano, a Colombian narco said bribed to presidential candidates in Guatemala and a former President of Honduras.

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