translated from Spanish: Migrant Caravan: in Mexico, approaching the border with United States

After traveling more than 4300 km, the migrant Caravan that little more than one month ago departed from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, continues its way to reach the border with the United States of America.a this height, the aim of the thousands of people who have begun this exodus seems clear: seeking the status of refugees by the Government of Donald Trump. The truth is that at the moment, the American dream seems utopian. If it seems complex to reach the border, enter and eventually stay in the United States, which is unattainable. The first members of the caravan are gradually arriving at the Mexican city of Tijuana where the border crossing is just to enter the United States.

Thousands of people have given up the attempt to enter the United States welcomed by Mexicans has not been very warm. Under slogans such as “We don’t want them” and “Out, out”, citizens of the colony of Playas de Tijuana clashed with several migrants, demanding they withdrew from the city. The tensions forced local police to go to the place and try to restore order between the parties. He is expected that the first great caravan are incorporated with some 2000 migrant two each.
According to the United Nations mobilization has about 7000 members, within which there are members from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and other countries. By this time at least nine Hondurans who crossed illegally into the United States were arrested by the border patrol, which include a 19 year old woman with three months of pregnancy. The future of these people might be conditioned (priori positively) when December 1 assumes his Office President-elect Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) who argued the need to care for migrants in reference to this matter. 
It subtracted to know if on this reality times weigh more needs and difficulties that are crossing from days ago thousands of Central Americans or the possibility that a new administration open the doors to the country. In this note: United States migrants

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