translated from Spanish: Senator Navarro: «we will delete the command funding jungle in the budget Act 2019 ‘

Senator Alejandro Navarro (country progressive), announced that you abolish the financing corresponding to the command jungle of the law on budget 2019, a measure that – said – will allow «amends partly tremendous» cause do by the death of the mapuche comunero Camilo Catrillanca. 
«The murder of Catrillanca was time thing, since the presence of weapons of war in La Araucanía late or early would result in a tragedy, as happened this Thursday», said.
Navarro, Member of the Commission of human rights of the Senate, aimed their criticisms directly to the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick. «The Minister Chadwick can say that Plan Araucania is reinforced, while the jungle command kill innocent people; «the pacification of the Araucanía in charge of Cornelio Saavedra was a massacre that left thousands of dead a century ago and today, Camilo Catrillanca has become the first martyr in a new military intervention». 
«This villager had nothing to do with the alleged theft of vehicles, reason by which the jungle command would have besieged the Temucuicui community. He was working in his field and was on his way home, in his tractor, when he was shot in the head that killed him,»he added. 
Navarro argues that you there should be an investigation, which should not be in charge of police, but of the police investigations (PDI), since, in his view, the confidence of citizenship is lost. «The operation Hurricane continues full force,» he recalled. 
Before this, said that «Despite this, today the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, justifies the use of force and ensures that the Plan Araucanía must be strengthened further;» Thus, it will become a new Cornelio Saavedra».
«The jungle command clearly revive the ghosts of that misnamed pacification of the Araucanía, which actually was a massacre, a massacre of thousands of men and women whose only fault was being born Mapuche,» said Senator of the Bío-Bío region. 

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