translated from Spanish: The device created by secondary California to prevent

breast cancer three pupils of 15 an -Lauren, Yoyo and Isabela – living in California, United States, created life Cam, a device that aims to the early prevention of breast cancer through the use of emerging technologies such as Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence.
Life Cam is a small apparatus which, with a built-in thermal imaging camera, photograph the body and identifies areas with possible cancer cells.
The camera takes five photographs and later shows in red the areas with higher temperatures, identifying potential risks.
Users can easily take pictures, record changes in temperature and compare the images each other as time goes on.
Today life Cam is only a prototype, its creators expect in the near future be able to transform it into a device that is accessible to all who may be available in homes, clinics and even gyms. Its goal is to emphasize the importance of performing regular auto-chequeos in order to help detect possible cancer in time.
Life Cam was born during a kind of Oracle Education Foundation in the school Design Tech located in San Francisco, California that teaches kids about software, programming and electrical engineering, generating solutions to real problems by using creative thinking and the development of collaborative strategies.

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