translated from Spanish: Aucan Huilcaman qualifies as “political exploitation” lobbying of parliamentarians from opposition to the Minister of the Interior

The werken (spokesperson) of the Council of all lands, Aucan Huilcaman, termed “political exploitation” the arrests a group of opposition parliamentarians have expressed in cont RA of the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, emphasizing that these practices “not solve the crimes against humanity”.
The mapuche leader stressed in the speech that have sustained both political sides and argued “is not acceptable that the legitimate cause of the Mapuche is used by right or left, not only to make opposition to a Government”. He added that “the situation requires to be addressed with due seriousness that it deserves, and not in a timely manner”.
In addition, Huilcaman puts into context what happened a while ago with the so-called operation hurricane and reminded MPs that when it happened that military deployment “actions were not taken, on the contrary shown a certain complicity posture”.
To conclude his statement, the werken made a call to all parliamentarians to make funerals of Camilo Catrillanca.
In addition, it called upon all political sectors to generate an instance to establish a Commission for historical clarification in the Araucanía “in order to clarify the historical facts about the so-called pacification of the Araucanía”.

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