translated from Spanish: Care and technology: launch a sensor to measure exposure to ultraviolet rays

one of the biggest problems of ultraviolet radiation is the inability to know exactly which level are exposed to every day. Given that the rays can penetrate clouds and glass, most likely to affect us more than we think. In order to provide more accurate information and raise awareness about the use of sunscreen, L’ Oréal has just launched a new accessory called My Skin Track UV, designed to measure exposure to ultraviolet rays.

L’ Oréal sensor | Image: L’ Oréal first sensor registers the rays (UVA), that are those who penetrate the skin causing ageing and wrinkles and uses that information to estimate the exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB), which are responsible for sunburn and is considering one of the main risk factors for skin cancer Deran. My Skin Track UV is connected via Bluetooth (available in iOS and Android) application that keeps track of the data, processes the information from exposure to UV rays and other pollutants that damage the skin, and offers tips to keep the impact on healthy levels. The application also can be linked with Health Kit iPhone, to unify the health records of the user in a single place.

The application of My Skin Tracker UV | Image: L’ Oréal people most is not protected against the Sun’s rays as it should and the constant exposure during childhood and adolescence tends to have consequences in adulthood. According to reports of the Ministry of health of 2017, 550 Argentine die each year because of melanomas, at the rate of 10 per week. A study of the Academy of Dermatology of the United States, confirmed that the amount of sunscreen that the majority of persons applies only offers 40 per cent of the protection of the chosen factor. According to experts, the layer is so thin that it does not guarantee total effectiveness and in some cases the user does not overcome the 15 recommended protection factor. L’ Oréal sensor has a cost of $60 and get exclusively in the stores of Apple in the United States.

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