translated from Spanish: Concluded jury selection for the case of Pablo Ibar

Miami-the defence of Pablo Ibar said it concluded this Friday the selection 18 jurors who will decide the guilt or otherwise of the Spanish of a triple murder at a new trial, whose oral phase will begin on November 26 in Fort Lauderdale.Joe Nascimento, one of the defence lawyers, explained to Efe that this evening ended the process that began made month and a half with the selection of jurors possible 250, then reduced to 75, to finally Select among them to the final 18, 6 of them alternates.
The lawyer said that the oral phase of this fourth Ibar trial begins November 26, but on Monday they have a hearing on the motion of the State of Florida seeking to “avoid that they testify experts in identification of witnesses” called by the Defense of the Ibar.
The Prosecutor’s office seeks to exclude from the trial, conducted by judge Dennis Bailey, the testimony of Gary Wells, ocular identifications of the defence expert. In the same way you want to exclude the testimony of its own expert in ocular identifications, Ralph Haber, since he also believes that Gary Foy, one of the witnesses, is not reliable and should not testify, according to the Association against the penalty of death Paul Ibar.El testimony of Foy, along with a video of poor quality surveillance, they were most important tests of the trial in 2000, in which Ibar was found guilty. The oral phase of the Ibar, nephew of the late Boxer José Manuel Ibar “Urtain” trial, is expected to extend until January of 2019.

Florida remains an intransigent defender of the #penademuerte, included among the small number of States that are responsible for the bulk of executions carried out in United States International Spain (@) senorproxemia4) 1 of October 2018 Ibar, carrying 24 prisoner of his 46 years by the deaths of Casimir Sucharski, Sharon Anderson and Marie Rogers in 1994, has been present in the process of jury selection taking note. The Spanish spent 16 years in the “corridor of death”, but the Florida Supreme Court overturned two years ago the death penalty sentence because the evidence presented against him was “limited” and “weak”. The Spanish has been submitted so far to three lawsuits, of which one terminated unless the jury could issue a unanimous verdict, another was declared null and a third, in 2000, ended with death sentence then annulled. In 2000, American Justice also sentenced in the same case to Seth Peñalver, who was acquitted after appeal her sentence and repeated his judgment. The Florida Supreme Court ordered in 2016 that Ibar was tried again and the Prosecutor’s Office has already announced his intention to seek the death penalty in the next trial. 
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