translated from Spanish: Croatian footballer Lovren mocks Sergio Ramos after a nudge to hit during the Spain

world.-the party last Thursday, in which the Balkan assumed a rematch after the win of 6-0 by the Spanish team in a celebrated game ago p ocos months, ended with victory for Croatia over Spain 3-2.
Amid the celebrations, there was a Croatian player that, in the locker room, led the celebration of this victory a step further and took the result as something personal, Dejan Lovren, international defence of Liverpool that, at the end of the party, followed with Croatia feeding his controversy with Sergio Ramos, dedicating himself to belittling to the central of Real Madrid and the whole of the Spanish team. Lovren began boasting laughingly of having been a good “nudge” the Spanish captain during the meeting, it added: “Ja, Ja. Forward, it now speaks friend! “.”

? Lovren mocks Sergio Ramos
? ‘I gave him a good nudge. HA, HA! 3-2! Salt and speaks now, Mr. Colleague! They are a bunch of cowards” – ACE (@diarioas) November 16, 2018 also addressed selected Spaniards, who said that”they are a bunch of cowards”then noted the flag of Croatia who wore the shirt saying that “only this shield is worth”.
Shortly after starring in these controversial statements, the central Balkan insisted on occupying the center of the controversy by posting on Instagram account a photo of the meeting, just a snapshot taken in the move of the nudge to Ramos.
Only a few weeks ago, Lovren already attacked the madridista in a statement in which it said that “Ramos has many more faults than me… but plays at Real Madrid and when you make a mistake, but wins no one cares”.
The Croatian continued, following this same pattern, saying that “definitely, Varane is best. He won the Champions League and the World Cup of Russia. It should be the best defender in the world and they chose Ramos. He deserves more credit.”
The Spanish central did not hesitate to answer a few days ago to criticisms of his rival: “I don’t know if it is out of frustration or for any other reason that say these things. I’m not going to reply to Lovren or who wants to win three covers, or open the news. Each win things in the field”, said the Spanish captain.
Apparently, the Croatian international still holding a grudge to Sergio Ramos by snatching the Champions League to his team, Liverpool, in the final of the last month of may in Kiev (3-1).
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