translated from Spanish: Found object similar to the ARA San Juan, mouth, Marcela Kloosterboer concern will be MOM again and much more…

1. They detected an object similar to the ARA San Juan: inquire if the submarine element found 800 metres depth and that is analysed the Ocean Infinity company inspects a “point of interest” to 800 meters of depth. Today I finished the task of search but decided to return to the area to analyze the contact. Continuing reading here… 2. only the inflation in October was higher than the 138 countries in a year inflation remains worrisome values yesterday INDEC published the official inflation numbers and 5.4 per cent per month was higher than the increase in prices which had 138 countries for all the 20 17. continuing reading here… 3 mouth on alert for an outbreak of mumps: a player focus only precaution William, worried about the outbreak of mumps in mouth eight days of the superclasico, the extra sports news affects the Xeneize world and forced to close pension. In addition, steps are taken to prevent affecting the professional squad. Continuing reading here… 4 marcela Kloosterboer announced that expecting their second child Marcela Kloosterboer is pregnant with her second child | Photo: Instagram @m.klooster actress and former rugby await the second fruit of his love, and she announced it in a very subtle way Instagram. Continuing reading here… 5 diego Cremonesi: “asked his blessing the Gauchito Gil before filming” Diego Cremonesi presents the film about Gauchito Gil | Photo: Instagram @diecremonesi Filo.News spoke with the actor known for his roles as “A rooster to Asclepius” Roque and the Cuis “Marginal 2”, which presents the film about Antonio Mamerto Gil Cruz. Continuing reading here… 6 Lionel Scaloni confirmed the Argentina team to face Mexico Scaloni confirmed the first team coach unveiled the names that will be starting, but left pending a doubt in defense. In addition, he talked about the possible return of Lionel Messi. Continuing reading here… In this note:

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