translated from Spanish: How is the inquiry for the Maya train?

consultation citizen so that people discuss the construction of the Maya train will replicate the scheme used on 25 and 28 October, when asked people what headquarters preferred to the new airport; It will be the same app and the same location of tables. New account the Arturo Rosenblueht Foundation, chaired by Enrique Calderón Alzati, will be in charge of the organization. In an interview, Calderon Alzati explained that the only differences are that on this occasion the inquiry will be in two days (24 and 25 November), rather than four, and that in addition to the train project will make people more questions about other works of infrastructure and pr social ogramas. Ten in total. This, he said, may cause both the voting process as count of results will be slower. According to the team’s transition from the President-elect, Obrador Andrés Manuel López, consultation so that people vote to follow with the airport in Texcoco, or by the choice of Santa Lucia, participated in 1 million 67 thousand 859 people. 69% voted in favour of Santa Lucia, the AC option that Lopez Obrador defended as a candidate; before the announcement of the cancellation of the project in Texcoco, businessmen and opposition politicians to Morena claimed that the inquiry had been unlawful, a simulation, and ultimately, on 11 November, even recorded a March against the mechanism used by the President-elect. During the days of inquiry by the airport, were cases of people who could vote twice, failures in the application log, and even the ink used to mark those who had already voted could be immediately deleted.
With that background, Lopez Obrador announced that another inquiry, would be to involve the people of new account, although now ask people on the train Maya in Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas States. the construction of a new refinery in Dos Bocas, Tabasco; the project of renovation of a train of freight in the isthmus of Tehuantepec; support to older adults, people with disabilities, and scholarships to students.
Read: What requirements requires a work of infrastructure (train Maya still does not meet any) Calderon Alzati explained that voting for the consultation of the 24th and 25th of November will be located in the same squares as in the case of the airport, although they had registered claims that those points had been selected by be related to Morena.
The goal, said Calderon Alzati, is that people who participated in the previous consultation already know where to go, or that someone who wasn’t and is now interested to ask a neighbor to learn easily from where to go.
The Organizer dismissed the suspicions generated in October, by an over-representation of places to vote in States where Andrés Manuel López Obrador had more votes in elections last July 1, such as Tabasco.
“If you thought tables were put in places where voting was not conducive to the López Obrador, because they would have to think in Greenland or in some other country, because here across the country voted for Lopez Obrador,” quipped.
To act as officials check box, it will also seek to the same people, so, according to the Organizer, all the process will be more efficient because they already had the experience of the first.
-Were militants of Morena?-, questioned you.
“Well, I don’t know that they say; my organization is only participating in the count of responses. Who are the people or how selected persons who participate in the tables should ask it to Bachelor of López Obrador spokesman, I this I can not inform you.”
There will be no double votes, promises in the first query, the networks were filled with photos of people who have voted more than once in different tables. The transition team was quick to explain that it was because the digital application used had not updated in real time to reject who had the same number of voter credential, and minimized the problem.
Rosenblueth Foundation director recognized that this was the primary irregularity, and said it happened because they did not anticipate the issue of access to the internet, but this will not happen.
“It was not a fault system, but many citizens who were at the tables brought cell phones not analyzed whether they had connectivity or not in the squares. I think we all have the experience of that cell phones do not work us everywhere. Then what were asked that same afternoon is to analyze, and if their cell phones did not have connectivity, so that asked you lent someone another cell and tasted it, so the next day already not arose that problem. Then that was only the first day and we believe that this fault, which was the most important, is no longer given.”
-So is sure to serve your cell phone or neighbor who can provide that you may run the app?
“So, yes”.
Other failure which was by human error, said, was on the mark in the fingers of those who voted, since at the tables they had cushions with ink that wasn’t indelible and although provided gentian violet, a dye that has longevity, many forgot to use it , but now is going to require marking fingers with that substance.
“The questions are not to help someone” at the end of the days of voting by the airport, on each table were organized as they were able to open the ballot boxes, separate votes, fill the minutes, and each who decided where that day ballots were kept. For this new query, none of this will be perfected from the organising Foundation, but that they hope the first experience will serve them base.
“What is different is that it will take a little time for people who want to participate because it will be by asking ten questions.” “In a single ballot come ten questions, going to ask ‘are you agree’ or ‘ not agree ‘, and it checks off the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for each question”, explained.
“Responses count is going to be also similar to the previous, but we hope that being ten responses that must be counted by closing the two-day, because this is going to take more time because they are more responses”.
Specific questions will be given to meet this Friday by the team’s transition from Lopez Obrador.
Calderon Alzati downplayed criticism of the previous query and that there has even been a March which called for “no more consultations as”.
In his opinion, this was only due to that in the case of the cancellation of the Texcoco airport were affecting economic interests, but this time there will be less controversial.
“We think that on this occasion you will not have this type of criticism. Because the questions are not to promote someone, they are to benefit the entire population, for example in the case of the people of the third age, if you vote yes because it will be the same for everyone, not for some, and in the case of students. Then we do not think that this type of criticism is generated or would have reason to change the answers,”he said.

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