translated from Spanish: ‘I want to ask for forgiveness’: mother who hid their daughter in trunk

Tulle, France-justice French on Friday condemned to five years in prison, three of them suspended, a mother who had hidden for two years the existence of his daughter, found in 20 13 in the trunk of a vehicle and with irreversible damage. Rosa Maria Da Cruz, 50, will be held Friday night in prison of Limoges (Centre of France), according to the prosecution. In addition to his prison sentence, the woman was sentenced also to socio-judicial follow-up of five years, with requirement for care, said his lawyer Chrystèle Chassagne-Delpech.

Rosa Maria Da Cruz, 50, will be held on Friday night in prison of Limoges (Centre of France). Photo: AFP during the hearing confirmed the total loss of parental authority over her daughter Serena, required by the Prosecutor’s office. For Da Cruz, mother of three other children, requested a sentence of eight years in prison. The Defense for its part called for acquittal.
After the allegation from the defense, Da Cruz said: “I want to apologize to Serena for all the evil that I have done it”. “I realize that you done a lot [daño] and that will not see my daughter”.

“This trial is not the trial of [una] denial of pregnancy,” said State Attorney Olivier Kern, with regard to the thesis put forward by the defence, which dominated the five-day process.
“This trial is of hiding” a hiding “responsible for the deprivation of food and care, and violence undertaken”, continued Kern.

Judged the woman by a concealment charge of deprivation of food and care, and violence waged against your baby. Photo: AFP listed isolation, sensory deprivation, of stimuli, absence of external contact, confinement to the silence, the “lack of everything” to the newborn.
“Two years, aren’t a few weeks,” said Kern. “It makes lack organization, reflection to hide a child to their relatives, their spouse, their children” during that time.

Da Cruz was facing a maximum of 20 years in prison, in a case tried by Assize for the “permanent” nature of the aftermath of Serena. Photo: AFP Da Cruz faced a maximum of 20 years in prison, in a case tried by Assize for the “permanent nature” of the aftermath of Serena, found at the end of October 2013 nude, covered in feces, larvae of worm and toys in the trunk of the drive from her mother. The girl, who lives with a host family for five years and which will be seven in a week, suffers an “80% functional deficit”, a “surely irreversible autism syndrome” related “without ambiguity” to the conditions of their first 23 months of life, according to the assessments. Although never “know why”, according to the prosecution and the defence, Da Cruz have experienced previous trauma, a first very difficult delivery, and a second that was unexpected in 2004 after a denial of pregnancy.

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