translated from Spanish: International NGOs react to AMLO security plan

once elected President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, published its National Plan for peace and security 2018-2024, which assigns a new force of court and military training, National Guard, organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) considered it a mistake and a threat to human rights.
HRW stated that creating a national guard controlled by the armed forces is a misguided strategy to tackle the crisis of violence, because in addition to the “serious abuses against civilians, with widespread impunity”, the use of military security work public has failed to reduce violence in Mexico, “in fact, is possible have been a key factor that contributed to the drastic increase in the number of homicides in recent years”.
The director of HRW’s Americas, José Miguel Vivanco, said that Lopez Obrador inherits a “catastrophe of human rights that has been caused, largely, by the militarisation of public security in the country”, so to insist on this bet “commits a” failure to colossal that could thwart any hope of ending the atrocities that have caused so much suffering in Mexico in recent years.”

AMLO inherits a disaster of human rights largely caused by the militarization of public safety
the security plan that has announced does not rather than redoubling the bet of this failed strategy a colossal error statement of @hrw_espanol: https : // – José Miguel Vivanco (@JMVivancoHRW) November 16, 2018 even, the organization called President elect to reconsider “this misguided and potentially disastrous policy”, saying that its commitment to You must be in improving civilian police, “a task that is essential to end sustainably with violence by more complex to make it,”.
the proposal should be amended: AI
Amnesty International Mexico considered that the safety of the next plan should be amended by seeking to strengthen and professionalize the civilian police “the new Government should break the military paradigm of” Security and establish a new model. They should be civil institutions responsible for security in the country and they must maintain control of the operations,”explained Tania Reneaum, Executive Director of the organization.
He even recalled that invalidation of the law on internal security, before the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation, opens an opportunity for the new Government assemble plan of prompt and orderly withdrawal of the military forces of security tasks.

Mexico: the plan of the new Government should focus on removing the armed forces of public security functions. Known statements of @TaniaReneaum with respect to the #PlanDePazySeguridad here: – Amnesty Int. Mexico (@AIMexico) November 16, 2018 “it is worrying that the President-elect has presented a proposal for security that essentially repeated the failed militarized security model and which has allowed the Commission of serious violations of human rights in the hands of the armed forces”, said the Director for the Americas at Amnesty International, Erika Guevara Rosas.
The proposal of safety presented by the next President goes against calls for mechanisms of the human rights of the UN and agencies citizens Council to demilitarize public safety, invest in proper training of corporations civilians.

In contrast, the Coordinator of the caucus of Morena in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, defended the proposal of the founder of his party, Lopez Obrador, and ruled to mean a militarization of the country.
“The National Guard will be a reliable institution; with high degree of efficiency; away the corruption, and be tempted with money of illegal origin,”he defended this Friday after a meeting with the President-elect.

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