translated from Spanish: May field, former clandestine detention center, now nature reserve

the President Mauricio Macri, through a decree, decided to convert the grounds of Campo de Mayo, which operated as a clandestine detention center during the dictatorship my provide, in a nature reserve in order to ensure “the conservation of biological diversity and cultural heritage” in the area. The communiqué indicated that it reserved it will be in “less than a year” and that will serve to “combat climate change”.

Mauricio Macri; Sergio Bergman, and Eugenio Breard.

Judicial historical revelations confirmed that the area belonging to the Argentine army was the place where more than 5,000 people were killed. In addition, was the base from where departed “flights of death” and the base of the logistics of the appropriation of babies. In March of this year, when at the opening of the legislative session, Macri announced the reform project, grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo had expressed its rejection: “family members are awaiting trials that realize what made him loved qu and they went through there.”

The presidential decree, in article 5 says that it “shall ensure the preservation of all sites of memory of State terrorism” and allow “the realization of the relevant judicial investigations”. Various human rights organizations also protested against the decision of the Executive: the stories of Campo de Mayo are thousands, because thousands were victims of the genocide. There had disappeared. It was a place of torture and death. Any proposed amendment must include survivors, relatives of victims and human rights organizations – H.I.J.O.S. Capital (@hijos_capital) November 16, 2018 Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo also filed a complaint with the UN issue I’m the Government for “violating the duty of inquiry” to the families and survivors of State terrorism.

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