translated from Spanish: Mouth on alert for an outbreak of mumps: a player focus just as a precaution

between the voltage by the junction with River, Boca will face Patronato de Paraná by one of the dates to Superliga. While William had already presented the roster with majority of Deputies, news of the outbreak of mumps that ignited alarms broke in the last hours. Four players from the bottom of the club present the viral picture and other eight juveniles have symptoms. At this news, the club decided to close pension to avoid the spread of disease, which in case of affect professionals, could marginalize them party with River.
However, there are two special cases: Gonzalo Lamardo and Leonardo Balerdi. Both the steering wheel and the Defender will be part of the party before the whole of Entre Ríos and both live in the pension’s mouth, where they make all the meals with the rest of the lower, which aroused concern. In this case, was defined that looking to Saturday’s game, Balerdi, splitting as a holder next to Polo Goltz, sleeping in a single room to avoid contact with the rest of the squad and that, in case of contracting the virus, does not affect the players which could be stay out of the final by recovery times.

Leonardo Balerdi will only sleep in concentration to avoid contagion. Photo: Instagram @leobalerdi5 do long recovery have mumps?
According to the medical centers, the recovery of mumps has between 12 and 15 days in young adults, as well as other days to return to the sport. It is caused by inflammation of the glands Parotid salivary and can not be cured through antibiotics, so it must be an absolute control of the doctors. Eleven Guillermo A waiting for official confirmation, mouth prepared prepares to play board with a 4-2-3-1, where some will seek to win the ownership to River or at least one place on the substitutes bench. Andrada; Buffarini, Goltz, Balerdi, more; Almond, Gago; Espinoza, Tevez, Cardona and Zárate are the eleven that are emerging out onto the field next Saturday from 1710 at La Bombonera, where Boca will seek not to lose you tread Racing tournament. In this note:

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