translated from Spanish: Network of survivors of abuse Eclesiastico critical statement of the CECh collaborate with justice

The survivors network of ecclesiastical abuse in Chile criticized the Declaration of the Conference of Bishops (CECh) entering into a cooperation agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate cases of sexual abuse committed by religious, pointing to that needless “applaud” one institution stated that he will collaborate with justice.
“It is not obvious that we are all obliged, especially when it comes to sex crimes and abuse against children?”, they questioned. 
The statement described as “aberrant” spoken signature of a document to collaborate with justice because – they say – “anyone who is being investigated as they currently can have the impertinence to appear
signing collaborations” When it comes to its duty to citizen. Or perhaps you want to benefit from some kind of benefit delatorio? Will they be accomplices to become contributors to the police? ‘. ” We hope that from the statements of will express and reiteras collaborate with research current criminal such collaboration becomes a reality in any real way and which continue not hiding folders under the mantle of impunity as it did for example in searches performed a clerical,”added. 
Survivors network, moreover, considered that the measures taken by the bishops are “inadequate”. Even qualified as a “joke” that after days of work “are incapable of carrying out concrete actions to change practices that place their institution as the most dangerous in terms of abuse. Likewise, the survivors are still without hearing a proposal from justice and reparation that is at the height of the crimes committed”. 
Finally, they reiterated the call for an “urgent creation of a National Commission dealing with addressing the systematic violation of human rights in relation to sexual offences and abuse against children and adolescents”.

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