translated from Spanish: Pichetto and office key in the National Council of the judiciary

the National Council of the Magistracy is responsible for the selection and the accusation of national judges. To treat these issues it is necessary to have a special majority of nine votes on the 13 existing advisors. With the provision that will run from next week, the ruling party will have eight representatives. This change is a step away from the absolute majority and fundamentally ensures that nothing will be approved without having their approval. It is in this scenario that Miguel Pichetto will go into a Council that the coming week will have a renewed composition. Three Senators, three members, two lawyers, three judges, a representative of the Executive Branch and another of the academic sector.

Miguel Pichetto was instrumental in the adoption of the 2019 budget | Photo: NA by referring to the body of Law Commissioners credited John more Velez and Marina Sánchez Herrero, both within the ruling spectrum. The academic representative will be Diego Molea, person close to President Macri. As the delegate of the Executive power, he will remain in charge Carlos Mahiques.

In the Chamber of senators, Carlos Menem and Miguel Pichetto | Photo: NA Finally, judges to join the National Congress of the judiciary are Ricardo Recondo (Civil and commercial Chamber), Juan Manuel Culotta (Federal Chamber of three of February) and Alberto Lugones (Federal Chamber of San Martin). As for the three seats of senators, this Saturday they conclude the Peronist Mario Pais and Rodolfo Urtubey mandates, as well as that of the radical Rozas.En Angel this note:

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