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CONTROVERSY OVER SECURITY. One of the points that more has generated controversy in the security strategy proposed by AMLO, as well as Amnesty for criminals, conditioned to the forgiveness of people and communities affected by them, is keeping the army on the streets, and even expand their participation through the National Guard, which would be composed of 50 thousand items of police, naval and military federal, having command over it the President of the Republic, and engaging in preventive work and protection of citizens. It generates controversy because it goes in the opposite direction to what campaign promised AMLO, that not keep the army on the streets doing police work; In addition, going in reverse to the ruling by the Supreme Court regarding the unconstitutionality of the law on internal security, precisely by incorporating into the armed forces at work constitutionally not allowed him, as they are the Police and internal security tasks. The major problem of the country is that the police, municipal, State and even federal levels, are disjointed, decimated, not only by the follow-up tests of confidence, which generated mass dismissals and led to unemployment to thousands of police officers, but it is He ignored the strengthening, training and provision of infrastructure of corporations in the States and municipalities, and also at the federal level; Apart from the problem that generated the complicities that were built with members of crime in some police controls, for which it seems a “necessary evil” use the armed forces to rebuild the internal security. The issue is that they are not constitutionally empowered to supplement the police, although they do so on the facts. Would necessarily AMLO to propose a reform to the Constitution to be able to legitimize the use of armed forces in preventive work, and this will of course always generate criticism, history of violation of human rights which have historically members of the army and the Navy incurred. Or not? SMOOTH RECEPTION. Contrasting with the disagreements that Tribune have held members of the PRI with the brunette in the State Congress, yesterday delivered the second report of the Government of Quirino Ordaz, personally the Governor went to do it, and struck the courtesy political power over another, not because there should be no dialogue nor the courtesy between powers, but because in previous sessions of Congress have engaged in discussions deputies of brunette who question the decisions of the Governor and the legislature last , claiming lack of respect for the President on certain reforms promoted in the last days of the legislature ended, and also issues of the grill and use of public money. However, even if there was an event of gloss of the report, but only the formal delivery of the document itself, the Governor was received with all the formalities and withdrew without any claim. Of course, that there will be opportunity to question him, if it is that he returns to give the gloss, but by what you saw yesterday, everything is “harmony” between the legislature and the Executive. At least in the ceremony of the report. Is it? What is real is that it will be of very little appearance of officials, and the Governor himself, the space of the legislature, if deputies and deputies are not prepared on issues that should be questioned, if they are not reported and do not know. And that seems to be their big problem. Or not?

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