translated from Spanish: The series on the life of Carlos Monzón already premiered its first trailer watch!

the biopic about the world champion Middleweight, Carlos Monzón, already premiered its first official trailer. At around 1.20 minutes occur images about the life of the Boxer, which is interpreted by the actors Jorge Román and Mauricio Paniagua.

The first few seconds to impact. The plans detail abound. A bare foot. Then, samples of one and finally, drawer and a series of photographs are taken. Later: a close-up of the protagonist. The music keeps the suspense and the plane opens up to show the corpse of Alicia Muñiz.La Uruguayan model was the last pair of Boxer and mother of his youngest son, Maximilian. In 1988, monsoon threw it from the balcony causing death. 30 years of femicide, the series reminds of the fact in times where violence was attribute of manhood.

The series – produced by Disney and Pampa Films – is directed by Jesús Bracenas. Integrate the cast figures like Celeste Cid (Susana Giménez), Soledad Silveyra (Elba, mother of Alicia Muñiz), Diego Cremonesi (Prosecutor Gustavo Parisi), Florencia Raggi (Dr. Patricia Rosello), Carla Quevedo (Alicia Muñiz) and Mariano Chiesa (Juan Carlos “Tito” Lectoure).  

Image of the trailer for the series about Carlos Monzon is estimated that biography will be developed throughout the 13 episodes that will be seen by the channel Space.En this note:

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