translated from Spanish: “Women at work”: the first cycle of theatre and feminism

begins the first cycle of theatre and feminism: “Women at work”. “Mariela Asensio, Claudia Quiroga, Cintia Miraglia are some of the directors of the functions that will be presented in the Celcit (Moreno 431).” Us violate us assault, they compel us to bring a grandiose joy, to fit into canons of beauty, we fidget with, us shout, we violate, kill us, enslave us, us disappear”, reads the synopsis of the cycle. 

“But not us silence. We put the body in the intimacy, on the street, in life, in the theatre. We think, gozantes, fighters and dreamers. Mentioned us still we can because we are body and soul from which no longer, of the silenced, of the monitored”, its authors. 
“On our territory, which is the theatre, we are moving, we breathe we, we salute us, we feel, we embraced… We get to work,”they say.

The works, which will take place from Friday 8 pm are: “That girl”, “They are raining men”, “Rosa de el Desierto”, “Ray of Sun”, “Maldichas”, “Lies” and “Clara hits”.

First cycle of theatre and feminism | Photo: Celcit Argentina “because every woman we inhabit all. ‘We’ are. We are women.  Women to work! “, concludes the statement made by the authors in the synopsis contained on the page.” In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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