translated from Spanish: Women lead better than men: study performed in Spain

photo / Internet Spain.-for decades, the discussion on the ability of women and men to drive a vehicle, has estallo full of myths, the same which have gradually been destroyed with the cold reality of the data. The insulting “women had to be,” does not hold one minute more. Statistics proves that in 23 Spanish provinces lead better women, 24 men and 3 (Gran Canaria, Tarragona and Murcia) is given a tie between them.
Thus certifies it employers insurance UNESPA in the III report young drivers that includes a detailed territorial analysis to describe the probability of accident insurance statistics or loss of traffic in the case of drivers and the conductive in Spain.
The paper concludes that the drivers of Huesca, especially in urban areas, lead of 10, registering the first place in terms of low incidence of accidents with minor hits. For more serious accidents, the figures point out that the best drivers are Soria women. Behind this assessment are women who lead in Albacete, Guipúzcoa and Palencia. The worst notes, as that recorded higher number of mishaps at the wheel in town, the drivers of Málaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Madrid take them.
Reviewing the figures of reported accidents insurance that records the statistics of insurance of automobiles (ESA), looking at levels of claims of Spanish males. We must return to Huesca province in which they are also the best driving avoiding accidents, although not achieving the outstanding of her companions. The study has awarded them a remarkably high note. At the end of the statistical listing, where are drivers with worst notes, we find men from Madrid, Malaga and Seville.
In all the provinces of Spain, at all, are they that better lead in urban areas under reported and registered claims by insurers. And in addition, in some areas are given significant differences between others. In the provinces of Burgos, Soria, Toledo and Albacete women lead between 20% and 30% better than the men. No differences between men and women when it comes to talk of good urban driving are given only in Salamanca.
Where minor difference can be detected, always with the drivers in better position than drivers, is in the provinces of Cáceres, (1% of difference in favor of them), Teruel (2%), la Coruña, Cantabria (3%), Castellón and Segovia (4%).
The research also reveals some areas where the difference between conductors and conductive closes in favour of men. This is Lleida (5% in favor of them), Valladolid, Orense (4%), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2%), Guadalajara (1%).
By linking the accidents of a serious nature or those with personal injury, the statistics show the following result. As for male drivers, leaders are in the provinces of Soria, Segovia and Cuenca. About women drivers, the best are in Soria, Huesca and basin. Jointly considering both sexes, the results in terms of better behind the wheel are in Soria, Cuenca and Huesca.
Information: La Vanguardia

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