translated from Spanish: Aguad: «passed all vessels in this area»

the submarine was located by the search for Seabed Constructor Company Ocean Infinity the last day of the search. The operation would resume in February, but the finding changed plans. In Mar del Plata, relatives of the crew members looked at the press conference for the research authorities.


Since the liberty building, the Minister of defence Oscar Aguad gave details about the discovery of the submarine: «Was found a little more than 900 metres of depth».
«We don’t have means to extract the submarine,» explained Aguad, and predicted that the next steps will be receiving reports of Ocean Infinity and wait for Justice to decide what we can do.
«It is the submarine ARA San Juan and is 907 meters of depth», said José Villán. It was reported that there was a 90% chance to find the submarine, but due to lack of vessels of search technology it could not find before.
Enrique Balbi, former spokesman for the Navy, presented the preliminary report of the company Ocean Infinity. «The area of debris is 80 x 100 meters that could mean that imploded very near the bottom», explained Balbi.
VILLAN highlighted should be «careful» in this case. 
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