translated from Spanish: Argentina’s Government said that it lacks technology to remove the remains of the ARA San Juan of the ocean floor

after claiming the remains found in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to the submarine ARA San Juan disappeared a year ago with 4 4 crew members on board, the Argentine Government acknowledged that it lacks adequate technology to rescue the remains which were located more than 800 meters of depth.

the ship disappeared November 15, 2017 while in front of the San Jorge Gulf, in the South Atlantic. The Defense Minister, Oscar Aguad, said that the Navy lacks submersible “of modern technology” able to “check on the seabed” and “equipment” to remove the ship ARA San Juan. He added that justice will be that will determine which steps will follow in this respect. According to detailed by La Nacion, the relatives of the deceased are attentive to what happens with the ship, due to the possibility that remains under the sea forever. ARA San Juan was found with the helmet “completely deformed, collapsed and imploded”, without openings of consideration, with its buried propellers and “remains scattered in a radius of 70 meters”, said the authorities. Ocean Infinity, which had been hired for the search was found East of Península Valdés in Patagonia, argentina, by the U.S. company vessel. The diesel-electric submarine German-made TR-1700 class disappeared when it was sailing from Ushuaia, on the southern tip of Argentina, to his home base in Mar del Plata, 400 km south of Buenos Aires, after participating in a training exercise.

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