translated from Spanish: Bolivia says that Chile has a partial interpretation of the judgment of the Court

The Government of Bolivia said today that Chile has made a partial interpretation of the judgment of the Court of Justice in the Hague over its centuries-old maritime claim and asked to take into account that this tribunal has also called on both countries to continue a dialogue on the subject.
In a press conference in La Paz, Bolivian Minister of foreign, Diego Pary, lamented that «Chile is making only a recognition of the first conclusion» of the ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague last October.
The first conclusion «actually says that the Court cannot force Chile to negotiate» the sovereign access to the Pacific that claim Bolivia, said Pary.
However, the second paragraph of the concluding part of the sentence says that «Bolivia and Chile should continue with the dialogue should resume dialogue, should continue with the diplomatic exchanges to find a solution to the situation of landlocked of» Bolivia», said Bolivian Foreign Minister.
«For us, to Bolivia it is important that the statement, that the failure to fulfil in its entirety and not only by parties as it seeks to do so Chile», he added.
PARY replied in this manner to statements by the Minister of women and gender equity in Chile, Isabel Plá, on the topic in the XXVI Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government held in the Guatemalan city of Antigua.
During his speech at the plenary session Friday, Pla lamented the fact that the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has been the agenda of this conclave a «alien» theme, in allusion to the Bolivian sea claim.
«It is not right», said the Minister and added that Bolivia is giving a very different «sense» to the ruling of the ICJ on this dispute, tried «denature a result which is clear».
Bolivia demanded Chile to the ICJ in 2013 so that this Court compel to the neighboring country to negotiate the return of sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean lost in a war in 1879.
In October of this year, the Court ruled by 12 votes to three that Chile is not legally obligated to negotiate with Bolivia.
The Morales Government has stressed several times that the Court also points out in its ruling that though Chile does not have that obligation, that is not an impediment so that both countries talk, which was ratified today by Pary.
«It is very important for Bolivia that the ruling of the Court is can be read in its entirety it can accept and implement a complete and not parties,» insisted the Bolivian Minister.
According to Pary, «reporting in a multilateral forum» on the topic «does not attack a country».
He said that Bolivia had «an aggressive speech» «at any time» and that only unveiled at the Summit decisions of the ICJ in a «friendly» and «respectful» way.

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