translated from Spanish: Carlos Menem spoke with his son at the Clinica Las Condes and already returned to Argentina

15:00 «we talk long and I gave him Je that you expected in Buenos Aires, so I hope to go», said the trans-Andean Uribe who I can be this morning with the 14-year-old boy.

This Saturday the former President of Argentina, Carlos Menem, arrived to the Clinica Las Condes to visit his son Max who was operated of a brain tumor this Friday.


the President had already been yesterday in the medical area, but only spoke to the team of professionals and today was able to speak with the teenager.» We talked a long while and I told him that he hoped in Buenos Aires, so I hope it will. It is a wonderful creature, loves his family,»he said at the exit of the clinkers. And he added that in the instance in which spoke to the young man, attended Cecilia Bolocco. «Of course it was there… All circumstances are given so that when (maximum) continue to be happy. All children are happy, but children who are interned and go well, redoubled their happiness.» Menem said that he wants to strengthen ties with his 14-year-old son and said that now everything depends on when you go to Buenos Aires.» I when I come to Chile I feel very happy. The truth is that I love Chile, and not say this because you are here,»he said. Following his visit, the Uribe and his daughter Zulema moved to the airport to arrange his return to Argentina.Los teenager biopsy results will be ready within five to 15 days more.

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