translated from Spanish: CIA concludes that saudi Prince ordered to kill journalist Khashoggi

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of USA has concluded that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salman, ordered the killing of critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Consulate of the Kingdom in Istanbul in early October, he revealed h Oy (16.11.2018) The Washington Post.
The assessment of the CIA, in which officials in Washington have expressed great confidence, is the most definitive to date linking Bin Salman to the operation, according to the report. Khashoggi, a staunch critic and contributor to The Washington Post columnist of the Crown Prince, was killed on October 2 after entering the saudi Consulate in Istanbul for a formality to marry Turkish girlfriend. His remains have not been located.
Conversation with the saudi Ambassador in the United States.
The newspaper, citing sources familiar with the matter, said that the CIA has figured out that Khashoggi, who lived in Washington, spoke with saudi Ambassador in USA and brother of the Crown Prince, Khaled bin Salman, on trip to Turkey for the documents. According to the CIA, the Ambassador urged Khashoggi to make arrangements in Istanbul at the request of his brother and told him that it would not be him nothing.
It is not clear, he said, if the Ambassador was aware of plans to Khashoggi. A spokesman for the saudi Embassy in the United States denied The Washington Post diplomatic representative and journalist to speak of “nothing related to go to Turkey” and said that the conclusions of the CIA are “false”.
After weeks of denials, under mounting international pressure, Saudi Arabia gave reverse gear in its initial claims that Khashoggi had left the Consulate with life and admitted last month that it had been killed. Later, he acknowledged that it was a premeditated murder.
Saudi prosecutors have said since then that they are seeking the death penalty for five accused persons. The saudi King Salman also dismissed five senior officials, including the Deputy Head of the intelligence service, Ahmed al – Asiri.

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