translated from Spanish: Disgust with the UDP unjustified decoupling of the Professor of civil law Leonor Etcheberry

Sir: with amazement, rather indignation, I just found out that the Diego Portales University, has disconnected, without consideration of No species, Professor of civil law Leonor Etcheberry Court, woman who, until today, not only served in that House of studies since 1985, woman who has placed to that University in a prominent place because without neglecting its commitments has held high charges, such as the address of the Academy-Judicial, causing a change that made it a true School of judges and member of e. Supreme Court lawyer, standing out for his contribution, especially in matters of family law. The Professor Leonor Etcheberry, is one of the most outstanding civil in family law, recognized among its peers for its solidity and academic quality. As if it were little, has systematically participated in sessions of national law of Civil law, and is a founding member of the consortium of family law sessions. His publications are abundant and their contribution to the dogmatic of the immense discipline. A teacher who not only enjoys the intellectual respect for their peers, but rather enjoys the appreciation of students, appreciation academic, being rated with maximum qualification in teaching that imparts.
The truth is that I’m surprised, these are things that any person, and who participates in the National Academy, is repugnant because it is a completely incomprehensible situation. It would be quite interesting to know what are the needs of the company (UDP) that justify ‘blowing’ the Professor Leonor Etcheverry House of studies to which handed over more than three decades and, in good part, has contributed intensively, to what, until today It is. The most interesting thing would be to know the opinion of a labour and whether there are or not in the institutional decision (of the company) infringement of rights. My full support to the Etcheberry Professor.
Alvaro Vidal Olivares
Professor of Civil law
Director Department of private law.
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Original source in Spanish

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