translated from Spanish: Diversity back to the streets: new pride March in Buenos Aires

La Plaza de Mayo was the scene of the first pride March which took place in Buenos Aires, on July 2, 1992. Witnesses of this event remember that it was very cold and that several of the 300 people who attended did so with their faces covered with masks of cardboard. They feared being identified by relatives or colleagues. Those were other times. But he had to leave. And the pioneers marked a path and made history.

Carlos Jáuregui, founder of the CHA, in 1992, the first gear the call grew, the March began to replicate in cities in the interior of the country and morning will return to Buenos Aires with various claims, and the traditional parade of trucks and floats towards the C well. The activities will begin at 11 am in the square that housed the first mobilization «Gay and lesbian». Now, of course, the collective is well different and includes, in addition to lesbians and gays, people shemales and trans, bisexual, intersex and queer.» In adverse times like this, where there are so many setbacks, it is important to go out and speak out to defend the conquered and continue to fight for what is missing», says María Rachid, Secretary general of the Federation Argentina LGBT to Filo.News.La XXVII March of the LGBTIQ pride + take as main slogan «no more genocide trans-shemale. Not to the setting, violence and discrimination. Macri and the Church are antiderechos».
«The celebration of pride is a political response to the shame that some sectors insist on imposing us», says Rachid.

The pride March is a protest and at the same time a party in Plaza de Mayo, there will be several booths at a fair of pride and a scenario in which act Mimi Maura, Ayelén Beker and Jimena Barón, among others. At 16 will begin the March towards Congress where it will deliver the keynote and there will also be music with Dj Chanty and Tomasa of the Real.» Another new year find us unidxs to go for a comprehensive law for Trans people, which guarantees the employment quota in the public administration, the law of disruption Voluntaria del Embarazo so we have free, safe and legal abortion and a new law on HIV, «Viral hepatitis and STIs because there are no longer», said Marcela Romero, President of the FALGBT. In this note: March of pride LGBT diversity

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