translated from Spanish: «Enough of blah blah»: the March for equal marriage took the Mall

A massive March for equal marriage and adoption LGBT convened by the movement for Homosexual integration and Liberation (Movilh) developed in Alameda, with the presence of about 80 thousand people, according to the hosts you pray.
Carrying rainbow flags and posters where they demanded «no more bla-bla, egalitarian marriage and LGBT adoption» now, thousands of people started arriving Plaza Italy at about 14:00, after which moved by the Alameda with journey towards Plaza Los Heroes, where the parade ends with a massive electronic music festival «when polls say that most the Chileans supports adoption LGBT and egalitarian marriage, the more than 80 thousand mourners today the» March show this. The country mostly does not tolerate that there are families of first and second category», said the spokeswoman of Movilh, Daniela Andrade.
In this sense, the leader of Movilh, Rolanod Jiménez, took the opportunity to announce that the Inter-American Commission on human rights to the State of Chile (IACHR) quoted the State of Chile to a tripartite meeting for equal marriage.
«Despite the fact that there is a legal and binding agreement as designated by the own Comptroller General of the Republic, the State still not delivers on its promise, which is very serious, because it leaves Chile as a country that does not comply with its international commitments h rights techniques», said Jimenez.
«Enough of blah blah» was the slogan of the March, after knowing the results of a study of constitutional laboratory of the Universidad Diego Portales with the perception of 198 members of Congress, and where 64.5% of them stated to be in favor of equal marriage and 65.6% supports LGBT adoption.
Read also – does not give the same for one who votes: UDP makes x-ray of Deputies and senators in the values agenda and economic «these figures coincide with estimates of our Organization and show that here you must pass speech practice. If the majority supports, there is no reason for further postponing the adoption LGBT or equal marriage. Nevertheless, this latter draft law not discussed since November 2017 in Congress. Speeches should be put into practice. No more blah blah», ended the Movilh, Oscar Rementeria spokesman.

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