translated from Spanish: Google Wizard families incorporates fun game of Sciences prepared by the EIF

What is the name of the star closest to our planet? Where is move the stars in the night sky? How long does it take the Earth in a turn in the Sun? How are the stars? Does which item to reflect light? Does type of current generates a stack? What is the organ responsible for pumping the blood in your body?
Questions like these are part of the interactive game of science of the Google Wizard families, which can be accessed through the Google Wizard. This entertaining game was developed in partnership with the Museum interactive Mirador de Santiago (MIM) – belonging to the network of foundations of the Presidency and a specialist in education and entertainment – so that children and the family have fun learning in a close and playful way.
The technology not only helps people to lead a life more simple and dynamic but also to learn more about the world that surrounds us, and this project is a great opportunity to extend the experience of the past EIF’s own visit to the Museum , and even make him known in other latitudes. “The Mission of our company is to organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful to everyone, and the Google Wizard presents new features dedicated to families sharing special moments”, says Alejandra Bonati, Manager of communications for Google Chile.
The Google Wizard is available in the country from December 2017 and there are mobile devices that integrate Machine Learning organically, as LG smartphones. “Technology is a great ally in education. In that sense, our cell phones are the best Assistant that we have at hand, and to integrate Artificial Intelligence, just enough to talk to them and get an accurate answer”says Eduardo Troncoso, Marketing Manager of LG Electronics Chile.
This interactive game, whereby the Google Wizard families puts science and astronomy as protagonists, was created by the content and Education Department and the Department of communications of the EIF. “The Mirador interactive museum’s mission be an alternative non-formal education, with an interactive and ludic methodology, approaching citizenship the broad concept of the science, innovation and technology. In this context, Assistant for Google families model bring the technology to the families visiting the Museum, ‘ says Dalia Haymann, Executive Director of the EIF.
To access and play with the questionnaire prepared by the EIF, you first have to download the Google Wizard, available for mobile phones Android and iOS. Once downloaded, I say out loud “Ok, Google” and the wizard is activated.
Then you must give voice instruction: “Talking with Museum interactive viewpoint”. Immediately, the Google Wizard families will respond with an entertaining trivia which will help you to learn more about science and astronomy.
The first task will be to choose between MIM science or astronomy MIM categories, and then select between three levels of difficulty: initial, intermediate or expert. Each category has six questions, which, in the case of science, reflect the diversity of the Museum offer and also those most popular themes according to the preferences of the visitors. Moreover, the astronomy category is associated with the most recent museum exhibit called tunnel universe, offering unique experiences and generates significant interest from children, young people and their families

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