translated from Spanish: «I avoid kissing with the girls because they could kill me»

-Oli is a Briton of 22 years who has always avoided a first kiss in a quote. The reason? Because you could die. The student from Surrey, England suffers a severe allergy to peanuts or peanut butter. The disease was diagnosed was when he was a child. The first time he tried the peanut butter was interned in the hospital. Young recalls that this time their saliva is thickened so much that it hampered him breathing and his skin was covered in hives, forming red, inflamed patches. It was at that then that his life changed forever and it is currently very cautious, so that kissing a girl after leaving in an appointment can be risky.

If someone who kiss it has eaten peanuts or this dry fruit that trail may be sufficient to cause a severe crisis.
It is a very real risk and the people who have allergies does not usually think of it. There are people who died, said Oli.

Oli WeatherallOli even prepare your own meal from scratch to avoid nuts and launched a website on Instagram with recipes for allergy sufferers and vegans. Eat somewhere else that is not your home is a problem for Oli.Esto means that whenever the young leaves his home for long periods it has to plan its food with precision. «Much of your life has to be planned around to feed you with safety,» said Oli.
This takes your spontaneity. You have to be always thinking in advance. Prepared meals (which sold in supermarkets) are always a better choice than trying to eat outside.

Holidays abroad are also a risk for 22-year-old. It is not just the food on airplanes. Any barrier of language can create a deadly misunderstanding.
If I suffer a reaction in the air, many people would think: ‘ you have your EpiPen (an autoinjector of epinephrine), you get it and you’ll be well ‘, but it is not.

Airlines tend to carry medical equipment and personnel are trained in first aid. But Oli is concerned that this is not always enough. The history of oil, according to him, it has been exhausting, as any action that always considering if it will affect you or not, and even your love life is affected by their plight. In this note:

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