translated from Spanish: Official communiqué of the company Ocean Infinity on the ARA San Juan

a day to finish their last attempts to search for 2018, the company Ocean Infinity gave the whereabouts of the vessel ARA San Juan, 367 days after the last communication registered c on 44 crew members of the same, 15 November 2017.Sobre find, and after reporting it to the authorities of the Ministry of defence, the Navy Argentina and judge Marta Yañez, the company expressed officially in social networks, with a message of encouragement to the relatives.

Ocean Infinity is pleased to confirm that it has been successful in its search for ARA San Juan, the Argentine Navy submarine which was lost on 15 November 2017: Infinity (@Ocean__Infinity) November 17, 2018 Oliver Plunke TT, CEO of Ocean Infinity, was asked to speak on behalf of the company: «our thoughts are with the many families affected by this terrible tragedy. «We sincerely hope that locating the site of the ARA San Juan is comforting for them, in what should be a time of profound difficulty», slipped. Also, in another message presented in the official company Twitter account, said: «this was an extremely challenging project and the successful outcome of today, after previous search operations, firmly supports our technology». In this note:

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