translated from Spanish: «Private» children – El Mostrador

Sir: during the budget discussion to 2019, the Family Committee of the Chamber of Deputies rejected the initiative of the Executive to increase 25 percent subsidies to SENAME collaborating organizations (OCAS), based on the alleged violation to the rights of children which would exist within such centers.
We believe that the decision is completely away from the actual situation of the care of minors in agencies partners, as we have shown in our work with these. While it is true that we must enter into the discussion of background regarding the system, its flaws, oversight and the protection of the rights of the child, this may not be at the expense of denying funding announced to the centers where they serve most of children of SENAME.
Rather than closing doors and resources, we must remember that the collaboration of the private provision of public goods is not only required: shows us that the common problems also have solution in a civil society solidarity, involved and steward of the common problems. Deny this contribution means, in this case, forget about the children who attend the partner organizations; put a treat before the paramount interest of children/Adolescents, and attempting to use them as currency suffering in a political struggle of opposition.
Because the real affected will not be the Government, but those «private» kids that, instead of playing, they will be pending that someone will put them first in line.
Diego of the bar Maria grace Pavez

Cristián Orellena
Maida Merino
Rafael Goñi Isidora Lira

Hugo Jordan advisers territorial elected solidarity UC

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