translated from Spanish: Reinaldo Rueda: «we did not play well and rival made us look bad»

coach of La Roja, Reinaldo Rueda, analyzed the fall by 2-3 to Costa Rica in Rancagua in a critical tone: «it is clear that we didn’t have a good game (…) I think that the analysis is well right, we did not play well, rival made us look bad and those two first goals filled them with confidence,»he said.


the Colombian coach, said at a press conference after the match that the squad lacked»that spark»to avoid playing Costa Rica» wanted that we played «.» I think Costa Rica did a perfect game because it made us see very badly, we try to react and rescue the marker. They always make up presence, high pressure and when to accomplish a goal made a smart play,»he said. In addition, he said that they arrived knowing that Costa Rica had a strategy and regretted the inaction in defense. «We were very loyal. And on offense he missed us collectivized. The defeat does not go through a player». About the errors that were on the Court, Rueda said that «we made mistakes in individual actions or the front pitch and another mistake we made was in the throws of corners because by the power of them we didn’t do the short and play all the long balls with a» fan go party». In terms of their emotional state, the Cali-born did not hesitate to be honest and said that when it fails the results expected in the game «one is filled with distrust and insecurity».» The team did a year and a month did not play local. We knew that we came with a burden by not classified to the World Cup. We had to vindicate us before our fans, is slowly forgiving and returning to love these players. Replace these men larger, successful, is not easy. We are on that path and hopefully react fast. It is the law of this profession. In every game there are to yield to the maximum». Finally, he added that the most urgent of the Red is to seek that the players find their best level. «Our important men are not being holders and that causes that they fill with anxiety, and was demonstrated before a rival who made a great play.»

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