translated from Spanish: There are 71 deaths by fire in Northern California

California-with 71 confirmed deaths and more than 1,000 missing, authorities in Northern California continued on Friday looking for those who perished and to the survivors of a devastating forest fire before a visit by President Donald Trump.Se expected the President to note the pain and damage caused by the loss of this most serious type of United States in a century, and could deal with the resentment of the premises by blaming of the evil incident management forest California.En an interview recorded on Friday and scheduled for airing on Fox News Sunday, Trump said that he was surprised to see images of firefighters removing weeds dry near the fire, and added, «this should be removed previously with Rake».

Tera Hickerson and Columbus Holt embrace as they seek information on a whiteboard. Photo: AP agents found other eight corpses on Friday, with which the number of deaths rose to 71.La figure of missing people increased of 631 on Thursday night to more than 1,000 on Friday, but Police Chief Kory Honea said that the list was dynamic and is It is possible to contain duplicate or badly written names. He said that there are probably some who fled the fire and who have not noticed that they reported them as missing. In social networking, family and friends have already confirmed the death of some on the list. It is located at others who are healthy, but authorities have not had opportunity to mark them as found. Tamara Conry said that it should never be on the list.

Forest fire in California. Photo: AP «my spouse and I are not missing and never were him!» wrote Conry on Facebook Thursday night. «No family seeks us… I called and left a message for to withdraw our names». In the catastrophic fires of last year in the wine region of California, Sonoma County authorities said that at one point had more than 2,000 as missing persons. But they gradually reduced the number. In the end, 44 people were killed in several counties. On this occasion, the fire virtually destroyed the city of Paradise, of 27,000 inhabitants, and severely damaged the peripheral communities of Magalia and Concow on 8 November, destroying 9,700 homes and 144 apartment buildings, authorities said. Firefighters were gaining ground to the fire, which had blackened 575 square kilometres (222 square miles). It was contained in a 45% and did not pose a threat to populated areas.

Forest fire in California. Photo: AP this section of California, former land of the gold rush on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada, is somewhat favorable to Trump territory, since in Butte County President defeated Hillary Clinton by 4 percentage points in 2016.Sin embargo , some survivors resent that Trump tuiteara two days after the disaster to blame for fires to poor forest management. He threatened also to withhold federal payments to California.» If you insult people and then visits them, how do you think that you will accept? You will not have a parade», said Wednesday Maggie Crowder of Magalia outside of an informal housing in the parking lot of Walmart in Chico.Pero Stacy Lazzarino, who voted for Trump, said that it would be good that the President closely saw the devastation:» I think that perhaps » seeing her you will say, ‘Oh, my God’ and it might start to open the eyes of the people.»

In his interview with Fox News the eve of his visit, the President reiterated his criticism. When asked if he believed that climate change contributed to the fire, said: probably contributes a little. The big problem we have is the management of forests.
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